Thursday, September 30, 2010

O'Leary randoms

We've had a few fun days since we've posted last, so I'm just throwing them all in together.
Here is Joss at her first day of Preschool.  She picked out her own pack-pack, just the right size so it doesn't hit her butt when she walks - this was a very important feature.

Olive was sitting right next to me and colored all over herself while I was working.  She is efficient.  She covered herself in 5 colors very quickly.  She also managed to keep her bib nice and clean!
This was the last of many 3rd birthday parties for Jackson.  the melting mess in the background was supposed to be the inner-tube, but it didn't work out quite like I had it planned in my head!

Shawn and I were able to celebrate our monumental 10 year anniversary in Phoenix, without kids.  We managed to get the coldest wettest day in Phoenix for our waterpark day.  We still had fun!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

More of the Big Horn

more paintings

So jill, jordan's litte sister, recently painted her room to a pretty pink.  her theme is the nursery rhyme "with rings on her fingers and bells on her toes, she shall have music wherever she goes."  so this is jill's silhouette blowing music note bubbles...

i did not paint the little birdie, but i did do the music notes and stuff...

this is charlee painting some play blocks... she likes to paint just like her mommy:)
this is a wooden letter i painted for shannon's room
i painted this octopus in the kids bathroom a long time ago, but i couldnt remember if i ever put a picture up of it...
this is jordan's red front door... he painted it all by himself!!!
my friend melissa is having a baby and this is one of the paintings i have done so far.  i have three other ones that i am working on:)
its made up of 20 5x5 canvases... i think it turned out pretty cute:)

Matthews Updates

So here is what the matthews family has been up to lately... 
this pic is a bit out of place, but we went to the iowa state fair, and charlee visited some baby piggies and earned her pig ears!!!  the piggies were her favorite part:)
this is how to make an upset child not so upset anymore:)
We were able to go to nauvoo for a weekend and these are a couple shots at the nauvoo temple and in front of Joseph, Emma, and Hyrum Smith's graves.
Here is charlee feeding some animals at the petting zoo at the iowa state fair... she loved it!!!

Jett loved it too:)  

here we are in front of the life size butter cow... yes, that whole cow is made out of butter:)
this is a sand sculpture... in case you cant tell, they are pigs designed to look like the star wars characters:)
it is called "star boars"
some face painting... a star for jett
and a dolphin for charlee
here are the baby piggies
oops... doubled up on this one:)
Jett got to enjoy his first chocolate chip cookie:)  he was pretty stoked!!!
So, since the family reunion we have been loving living with papi chulo:)  dortch and him actually get along really really well:)  this is one thing that they both like to do... switch beds.  dortch likes papi's little bed and papi likes dortches slightly bigger bed.

and this is just jett...