Sunday, September 27, 2009

Big Horn River Movie

Big Horn River Movie

You can watch this Movie James Made of our trip.  It is a little over 6 minutes long.  Just click on the smaller words under the title.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Amy's bathroom

Paige's friend Amy has been keeping me busy. She is doing a princess bathroom for her girls and these are the three paintings i did for her.
a ribbonny wand...
a fuzzy glass slipper...
a sparkly crown...
What do you think???

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bear Hunt

Wolf Hunting with Dad

Monday was our first whole day with dad and because it was also Ryans day off we spent the day fishing before we took off for the woods. These fish along with one halibut was all we scratched in as we spent a majority of the day being rescued due to a water pump failure. fortunately, we were able to have someone come out with parts and tools and we fixed the boat out on the ocean. Good thing we have good friends. Thanks Rod.
Here is our bear...not quite a wolf, but close...yes...he was very close...

This is our transportations. We had the main boat, inflatable for beach access, and the four wheeler for the remote logging roads. Everything we needed, minus the wolves.

Dad brought his fly rod so we got out and caught some "colorfull" pink salmon.

Spent a day waterfowl hunting which proved to be a fun little adventure. This river spilled into the ocean in a big mudflat creating all kinds of waterfowl habitat. At high tide, we drove our little inflatble as far up the river as water would allow then floated out, hunting all the way.

Labor Day

Labor day wouldn't be complete without fishing, so we did some of that. These halibut slabs ranged from 50-90 lbs. Another good day of fishing...thanks to our friend Ben.
Looks like Mishel's fish might be a bit bigger than mine. I guess if you're going to be out-fished by a girl, it might as well be your wife.

For Labor Day weekend, we stayed at a friends cabin (Dave Mitchel, my deer hunting buddy from an earlier post). At the cabin was this cedar hot tub heated by fire. On the right edge of the picture you can see a metal closed off compartment with a chimney coming out of it. That's a fire place for heating the water. The water temp was right at, if not a little over 104 degrees.

Sharp shootn' Mishel.
One of our days we made a trip out to a remote lake. On our way back to the cabin we shot sporting clays off the back deck of the boat.

Here we are at the remote lake mentioned called Orchard Lake. There was a forest service cabin and skiff there so we rented it for the day and used the boat to motor around the lake to access some nice beaches and fishing holes. We caught some little cuthroat trout.
See if you can find Mishel in the picture.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Round of Golf at the Snoqualmie Golf Course TPC

It was a beautiful day for golf. Dad and I got some blisters, but it was totally worth it!! here are some shots, if you look close you can see Snoqualmie Falls in the back ground on the one with me and James. (Notice the great shirt thanks to Reid and Mishel!)

Dad's Photo creativity Big Horn 09

Dad took these more artsy Photo's Me fixing my line, and the bar we got stranded at in Reed Point because there was a wild fire that closed the Freeway down. We ate pizza and waited till the road opened up.

Big Horn 09 Labor Day

Here are some pictures of our trip to the Big Horn with James family too. I wanted everyone to see the cute shirt I bought with a gift card from Reid and Mishel THANKS!!! I love my shirt, I look like a real fisher man:) I love you guys!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our new house

TADAA!!!check out our HUGE yard... some of it's cut off in the picture, but you get the idea...

the Matthews are homeowners!!!

Jordan's man cave (our basementOur living room
More kitchen
Jett's room
Charlee's room
our master bath
my cute his and hers hooks i made

our master bedroom with plenty of room to spare... two walk in closets too:)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Deer Hunt, August 22, 2009

Here is my first Sitka Black Tailed deer. Not a trophy, but a respectable buck.
Here is my hunting partner, Dave Mitchel and his nice buck. Deer like this are much easier to pack out. The two bodies of water behind us are Margaret Lake and Traitors Cove.

Hunting the ferocious deer

SE Alaska hunting logistics: load 4-wheeler and gear onto boat, boat out to dock and off load, drive to end of logging road, hike ~ 2500 vertical feet into alpine (above tree line), shoot deer, and head back.