Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Love to See the Temple

Joss has been asking to go to the temple ever since Olive was born. We finally made it on Memorial Day. It was pretty sweet to walk around the temple with our family.

Notice Joss's shorts - Stovall Originals. We sent some more shorts home with Uncle Reid to personalize...

Monday, May 25, 2009

That right there is one happy grandmother

just born shelby Stovall at 6lbs 9 oz 20 inches long

Shelby Stovall

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


At the ward fiesta, we had the LIMBO...

Caroline finally making something out of her painting...

This week i had my first official paint job.  it was  princess room for a little girl named Kaitlyn.  here are some butterflies...

This is the vinyl saying we had put on the wall... so i did not paint the letters, but i did paint the background...
This is the little girl Kaitlyn in front of her new princess...
She has a cute little flower corner in her room... pictured here...
Here is the before (note: i did NOT paint the castle or the letters...)
This is the after... obviously the bed is kind of in the way of the picture, so you don't get the whole picture, but you get the idea.
Sooo, there are three princesses, the one big one, and two smaller fairy princesses... this is one of the smaller princesses.
This is the other fairy princess.
This is my little woopdy doo bush next to the window.
What you think???

Bring Charlee to Work night

Congratulations Jesse and Tricia!!!  I am excited to see baby pics... but in the meantime i was emptying out my camera and thought i'd put some pics on the blog.
While Jordan's mom was away taking care of a new grandbaby, i had to take charlee with me to work for about a half an hour a couple nights.  She was quite the phone machine:)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Procrastinated pics II - Easter

Here is our Easter Egg hunt - I put the pictures in backwards -

After it was all done, Joss and Jackson were so tired!

Jackson with the Easter Bunny - Joss did NOT want to sit with him. She didn't want to sit with Santa either until she learned that he would bring her some makeup!
Successful hunt - don't they look so happy!

It rained for the first time since 1945 - I had no idea how to dress my kids - Shorts and sweatshirts...

Cutest lambs ever!

Procrastinated pics - Reid's visit

Reid came to visit and we had muchos fun - I just am now getting around to putting up the pictures! Here are the highlights from the day we went miniature golfing.

Joss was victorious

Reid and Jackson were good buds.

Note the technique - we spent a lot of time watching them putt and chasing after them and their balls.

Thanks for coming to visit, Uncle Reid!