Friday, July 16, 2010

O'Leary Montana Pictures

We had so much fun - we just wish it could have lasted forever! 

Gates of the Mountain Tour

Here are some pictures of us at the Gates of the Mountain tour when we were all happy and Jordan's lunch was still sitting comfortably in his tummy.

grandma sings a song

Charlee makes a face

Matthews Family

So here is a modge podge of the latest matthews family pictures, from montana to the fourth of july to some painting i finally finished:)
this one is a pic of me and my big sis:)  we had a ton o fun golfing at the family reunion.  james and paige were awesome and so patient with my lack of golfing skills:)
matching family shirts... thanks Karmen:)
matching toes... see if you can figure out whos toes are who's???  thanks to karmen again... you are sooo talented:)
Charlee enjoying some candy at a fourth of july parade.
not to brag, but i just cant believe how cute he is sometimes:)
this is charlee and jill at the ankeny summer fest parade.
Jett again
jill charlee and jett had a fun trip to the park
this is charlees updated room.  jordan's mom did the sewing for the windows, bed skirt, and comforter:)  i think it turned out sooo cute.  the only things we have to finish are some pillows for her bed.

this is the tree that i painted in our living room... i do still have some touchups to do, but you get the jist:)