Sunday, May 29, 2011

Olive's Room

These are the match n mix flowers for olives room:)  made with love:)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jett and Jordan match for Easter!!!

My friend Beth made Jordan and Jett matching vests for Easter... and whats even better... the vests are reversible!!!  they turned out awesome!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Some O'Leary pictures

This was one of our favorite weekends, when James and Esme came to visit.  We were able to capture this rare picture of Esme having a snack.

 Here's a random zoo picture.  Jackson likes to pose.  This is how he wanted to look on purpose.

 It's nice here - the kids have been spending a little time in the pool.  Here's Olive all ready for the water!

 Here's another zoo picture- Joss on the the dragon.  We love the zoo?  Want to go?  Just come for a visit!

 Sweet Olive - too tired to make it through dinner.  

 Coloring Easter Eggs.  None of us really eat a lot of hard boiled eggs, so we didn't make a lot, but the kids still thought it was pretty fun.

 Easter egg hunt in the backyard.  Hint:  Put the chocolate treats in the freezer before you have the Easter Bunny hide them.  I realize we may be the only people in the family who have to use this method.

 The kids got new goggles for Easter.  Olive put hers to use right away.

Surprise!  Jackson wanted the orange egg!

We are getting so excited for Shawn's first semester to be OVER and to spend the summer in MT!  We love our family!

Getting Ready for Summer

Ready for Memorial day!!