Monday, April 25, 2011

Jesse and Tricia know how to throw a PARTY!!

At least 50 people showed up for Jesse's birthday party Saturday.  They had a BBQ, played flag football, and had an easter egg hunt for all the kids. 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Twinkle Twinkle

so i dont know how to do videos so that they show up right on the blog, so here is a link to the youtube video of charlee singing and dancing for the talent show.
Charlee's Talent Show


So, we have had quite a bit of stuff happening recently and here are some pics to catch you up...

 this is just another picture of charlee in her dad's ties...
 at the mall in des moines they have an outdoor exhibit where we got to pet a skunk, a baby bear, and a cougar.
 and pet lots of dead animals too... reminded us of grandma and grandpas house:)
 Charlee and I had a girls night out and we went bowling.  it was charlee's first time.
 after charlee took her turn bowling she would go to the edge of the wood floor and sit and watch her ball slowly go down the lane...
 jett's teeth...

 here we are at our play group easter egg hunt... it was a bit cold but charlee LOVED finding all of the eggs.
 jett found a total of two eggs... good thing charlee shared:)
 here they are with their loot
 last night charlee sang and danced at our ward primary talent show.  this is her in her cute dance outfit.
 she sang twinkle twinkle and danced while jordan played the guitar.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This last week i decided to tile our backsplash in our kitchen... i think it turned out GREAT!!!
and i have to say that i feel it is even greater simply because i did it all by myself:)  

 here is the before with the yellow...

FUN RIGHT!!!  the surprising thing is that it wasnt too bad... cost under $200 and the hardest part was the caulking!!!  although now i have that figured out:)