Monday, August 23, 2010

Golf at Mt. Si

It is such a treat to be a layover stop on the way to Alaska!  We played some golf while Reid, Mishel and Dad were here.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pictures from my phone

These are the kids that I was working with this summer in a program called You Got Served.  These middle school kids volunteered for a 5 week program to do community service.  My group pulled brush at Spring Meadow Lake, played games and painted finger nails at nursing homes, helped out at an animal rehab center, created 4 oral history projects on local veterans, and held a car wash and donated the money to the St. Peters Foundation for cancer.  It was a pretty cool program.  This picture was taken at our celebration on the last day!

This is one of the two teams I am coaching.  This was 80's day at choreography camp.  These girls are really good and a lot of fun, but they are going to keep me on my toes!  I am also coaching the youth team which are 7-10 year old girls. 

Last night on our walk Gunner found a dead bird.  He snatched it up and would not let go! 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Some time in the water

Thanks Jesse for letting us steal your boat for a while!

At my family reunion, playing in the waterfall after a long, HOT hike.
Reid at the top of the waterfall, waiting for me to show up for the picture.
Libby and I made it for the picture.
Reid and I took my brother's kids with us to Utah and we had a lot of fun.  Both Libby and Michael caught a fish with uncle Reid.  They were pretty excited.