Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mom's Car and Scar

Sooo.  I put the car on top, so those of us with squeamish stomachs don't get too lurpy looking at mom's new zipper on her head.  Mom named herself "zipperhead."  Anyway, nothing makes brain surgery feel so much better as a new car.  The T-Bird is adorable.  I am excited for top down days this spring and summer for mom and dad:)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our Adventure to the Caribbean

We had a great time with everyone on the Cruise.  This is that southern tip of Cozumel, Mexico.

Scootering around Cozumel Mexico

We rented scooters and scooted around to the other side of Cozumel.  The waves were awesome, and the water was beautiful.  We got these pictures while dad got a massage at this remote little place at the southern part of the island.
We didn't make it to Playa de Carmen, so we went to the San Gervasio ruins instead.  They were pretty cool.  Short people living in the jungle many years ago left these for us to stumble around in.
Sorry to gross you out...But the sand was super soft and the water was warm...
Mom climbed up this little rocky place where there was a blow hole,  I didn't time it quite right to get it shooting up out of the rocks like a geyser, but mom is still cute with the waves crashing behind her.

Inside and outside of our ship the "Ruby Princess"

This is by the staircase in the "Piazza" part of the ship.  We were pretty happy that the ship was made in Italy, and had an Italian theme.
Grandpa and Grandma, could not have been more generous, kind and humble.  They are the greatest example of everything we hope to be, and become.
This is our ship docked in Cozumel. You wouldn't think something this big could get lost, but we were a little worried when we didn't see it where we thought it should be.  Dad was sweating bullets, but we found it:)

Grand Cayman Island

We went to Grand Cayman to swim with stingrays at Stingray City.  It was pretty cool.  Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of stingrays, and I can't figure out Youtube yet...When we do I will post it.  Pat and Mark chartered this boat that took us out to a sand bar with tons of stingrays, then we went to 2 different coral reefs  and snorkeled around.  It was pretty cool.
Mom with her snorkeling gear...always a cutie pie.

The girls on the upper deck of the boat on our way to the sting rays.

Jamaica Mon!

Mom Dad, our Driver Renning, James and I after we went to this super yummy local restaurant.  He was awesome.  We really loved the Islanders. 
This is the jerk chicken and pork that we had.
Mom and Dad eating their yummy lunch.
Mark Dad and James took an adventurous route up the Dunn's river Falls.  They were very brave and tough.  The water falls were pretty cool.

Florida Everglades = Alligator Time

Before we got on the swamp boat, we got a good picture of all the guys.

Our swamp boat actually got stuck in the everglades and we got up close and personal to a mama alligator who was watching her nest...

Isn't Mom the cutest?!  

James and I with a baby gator.

Jordan's Birthday and Kansas City

ok, so, these pictures are completely out of order... but you'll get the idea.
Jordan and Charlee and I were able to go to kansas city to meet up with reidie who was there on business.  on our way back home we were able to stop at the liberty jail.  This is liberty jail:)

It's hard to see, but this is jordan and charlee stading in front of liberty jail.  it was a really neat experience and if anyone wants to visit liberty jail, you could visit us too!!!  we dont live too far away!!!
For lunch, we ate at the "T-Rex" Restaurant.  full of dinosaurs and mammoths and jellyfish!!!  we were terrified (as you can tell by our scared faces)
We also got to go to the College Basketball Experience.  here are jordan and charlee just outside of the complex.  
see what i mean about the scary dinosaurs.
inside the college basketball experience were tons of interactive activities and memorobelia.  this was a look at mentors in the college history.  it was very neat that even i was interested in it all!!!
larry bird baybee!!!
they also had a kids area with  this big ball and hoop.  i thought charlee would love it, but it seemed she enjoyed the smaller balls better than this super big one.
one thing that kansas city is supposedly known for is barbeque.  reid took us out for dinner at Bryant's bbq, and it was wonderful!!!  yet messy!!!
how bout a kiss now mishel!!!

then, on the 23rd, it was jordans birthday.  he was sooo excited about his new blu ray dvd player!!!
charlee really enjoyed her daddy's ice cream bday cake!!!  she proved that it feels good in your mouth, hands, face, AND hair!!!