Thursday, April 12, 2012

O'Leary pics

Here are some randoms of what's happening in AZ.

I put up some tee ball pics on our page as well, but there are so many of this cute Scrapper I needed to add them here too:

What happens when life hands you a blue ring pop and lemons?
Make lemonade with a blue mouth!


We love it when the Holmans come to visit - there's usually golf involved!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

the 60 mile experience

so i know we went on our walk a long time ago, but i promised to put these videos up a while ago, and only just now got to it:)  enjoy:)

back to the walk

Matthews Easter

Matthews Easter Pics

Jett jabberin

So mom always tells me that i need to get jett "talking" on video, and well, this is one of my favorite videos of jett jabbering:)

just an fyi... jordan is singing in the bathroom because it has the best acoustics in our house:)