Monday, April 12, 2010

Charlee's First Hair Cut

So, on sunday morning jordan and i decided to cut charlee's hair.  yes, this is her first hair cut, (other than a little incident with her auntie jill and a pair of scissors a couple months ago)...  anyways, her hair was getting a bit out of control... it was going everywhere, all in her face and there was just no shape to it, so i got our scissors out and snipped away...
this is one of the last pictures we got of her before we cut her hair... you cant really tell, but when it was all wet and combed out, her hair went all the way to the middle of her back...
well, here is what it looked like afterwards.
the good news is that these pictures dont make her hair look too bad, but in all reality... i did a very choppy job!!!  i cut it waaay shorter than i intended to with a rough, choppy edge... i tried to taper the front of her hair so that it wouldnt get into her face... well i ended up giving her some nasty bangs that appeared mullet-like (unless pulled back in an elastic like the pictures) and overall, it was just not very pretty... although charlee didnt seem to mind:)
Well, today, jordan's mom's friend annalyse, trimmed her hair and salvaged what was left of it.
now it actually looks like a cute little charlee hair cut (except for the bangs, which not even annalyse could fix).
but i forgot to take the final pictures so i will have to put the super cute charlee hair cut up later when she gets all dolled up:)


so here is the clan easter morning...
we had some easter bubbles...
charlee found lots of easter eggs...
but, with so many easter eggs to find (over 100 eggs for 3 kids) charlee had enough and just wanted to play on the slide... you can see in this picture that there are still plenty of eggs lying around wanting to be found:)

Tulip Festival, La Connor, WA

Tulips Again!

Karmen came to visit with Olive.  Again we hit the Tulip fields, because they are so pretty.  There were a lot more this time around.  We got to be in a Parade for the Tulip Festival, and took some cute pictures.

Monday, April 5, 2010

New York City!

Family Picture at the top of the Rockefeller Building.  Esme's best tricks these days are two-fold.  1. She drools like a leaky faucet. 2. She totally rocked NYC like a champ!
That tiny little thing in the background is the Statue of Liberty. We decided not to wait in line for 2 hours to get on a boat and see it, so here we are seeing it from a long ways away.

Times Square at night.  We had dinner and strolled in and out of shops in the City that Never Sleeps.

Friday, April 2, 2010

charlees room

So, i finally got charlee's room painted and put together... 
here is her butterfly garden...
I actually painted the picnic table too.  it is going to match the window coverings that jordan's mom is making:)
This is her ribbon mobile that i made, which i looove!!!  i tied them all around a hoola hoop:)
This is the painting that i did for charlee before she was born... and which inspired the new room:)

here is a close up of the fence and butterflies.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

easter outfits

So this isn't easter, but it's jordan's birthday cookie cake...
now this is one handsome baby boy... since easter is on general conference we got to wear our easter outfits to church last sunday
charlee would not smile for the camera at all... i think here she is saying... "i want to take the picture!!!"