Monday, June 27, 2011

James' Trip to Israel

Since I do most of my blogging on Fun with James and Esme I don't seem to have enough energy to blog here too.  But I did want to share a few photo's of my trip to Israel and Italy.
This is a garden in the City of Haifa
 My brothers and I overlooking the Valley of Armageddon 
 All the men on the Sea of Galilee 
 This is the Church of the Beatitude's...said to be the spot where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount
 My mother and I in the Jordan River
 This is a small part of the BYU Center, it is quite and amazing place...even though BYU still sucks
 My brother Mike and I on a camel...lame but fun
 A view of Jerusalem from the Mt. of Olives
 This is the Garden Tomb

 In front of the Dome of the Rock or Temple Mount
 While in Italy I fulfilled a life long dream, to play golf there.  This green had a moat around it...luckily I didn't know that when I hit from the faraway so I made is safely on without incident
 This me about to enjoy a coconut/strawberry tasted better than it looked
 This was my car...a Fiat 500
 This is the tattoo that my friend Luca got.  It says Page and James...yes, he misspelled Paige's name and he didn't think to ask me how to spell it until after it was done.  In the tattoo Paige is represented by the mystical Phenix and I am a dragon.  I get the Phenix part, read Harry Potter to understand what a Phenix does but I am not sure why I am a dragon.
This is my favorite food in Italy, it is called a Panzerrotti, Paige and I loved these things but the last time we were there the one shop we like to buy them at was closed.  Since Paige missed it last time I ate two in her honor.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Latest updates of 2011's Montana Summer

 So here are this year's birds in the nest.  They are almost ready to fly out.  If you're wondering why one of the birds looks like Joss, it's because she carried that egg around in her pocket for the better part of a day.  (If you wonder why the smashed goo on Sophie's pants look like Sophie, it's because she carried the egg around in her pocket for the better part of a day.)

Yeah - He knows he's cute.

Esme and Paige getting some bonding time. 

At the fishing derby.  Charlee wanted to catch a fish so bad.  Sophie and Shelby were able to catch fish and Sophie won another fishing pole and a hotdog.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A little flooding in Helena

The first video is the results of 10 Mile Creek flooding about a mile away from us.  This is the last mile of my drive home - at least until the road block and detour.  The houses across the street from us are all built on the old stream bed that used to be (and is again currently) 10 Mile Creek.  They are waist deep in water and swimming in their basements.  The second video is walking down to the end of our road....

We put sand bags around our window wells last night.  I guess we'll be getting a free horseshoe pit when this is all said and done - assuming there is a place to put one!!  But, all is well here!  We're sitting pretty so far! 

This is the end o our road to the north of our house this morning.  Gunner is loving our beach-front property!