Thursday, February 25, 2010

When we went to Poulsbo...

Poulsbo is a Norwegian town that was super cute.  We got some really awesome donuts at a local bakery shop, and we saw this building and snapped a pic for dad:)  It would have been perfect if there was a "dpa" at the top.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Spirit Week--Dress like a Teacher Day

This is Sara and she decided that she would dress like me for the day.  She altered her jacket to say my name and coach, written in the exact font that the writing on my jacket is done with.  She also sewed the correct graduation year onto her jersey shirt to look just like mine.  She is wearing glasses, Crocs, because I love them so much, and even attached gold ribbons in her hair to match my tinsel.  I asked her to do something like me for the picture and she is clapping like I do when I want to get everyone's attention (something I actually picked up from Jaylyn).  Anyway, Great job Sara!  I'm glad you chose to dress like me today, instead of tomorrow--which is Nerd Day...

O'Leary U'pdates

OK - so the format has changed for putting on pictures on this site and I'm too stupid to figure it out. So, here are some recent pics.  Some at Christmas, one at the Golden Gate Bridge on the way home, Shawn and the kids at the carnival, Joss and Jackson at our hometown parade, and one of Olive, just so you remember we have a third child.
Love our family!