Tuesday, April 29, 2008

more time at the lake

Joss was such the little helper. she was always there to hold Charlee's hand.
Charlee's driving wasn't nearly as scary as James'
Just as cute as can be!!!

Cooking with Charlee

hee hee, i was making some homeade chicken noodle soup, and, well, Charlee wanted to help!!!

I Spy

Sooo, check this out... can you find the similarity between these two pictures???



So this is a taste of the house we stayed at while in arizona. not too shabby 'eh!!!
here we have the stingrays again, but i just wanted Karmen to see how cute her and joss are:)
talk about a cutie patootie!!!
charlee just hangin out in the shade
this is at the diamondbacks baseball game. we tried really hard to get everyone in the shot, and this was one of our better ones... thanks shawn!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Phoenix Zoo! Monday, April 7

This is stingray bay at the Phoenix Zoo and we got to pet the stingrays! If you put your hands in the water they will swim up to your hands so you can pet them. It was crazy, but fun!

I know a few of you have video and other pictures that were a little better than mine so I hope you will add them to all of these posts!

In case you can't tell, Reid is holding his gun here for the big African hunt. Karmen had to sit him down before we left for the zoo and explain that the same number of animals that are alive when we enter the zoo need to be alive when we leave. We didn't want any more mysterious deaths, like the bunny at the Ivory's........

Karmen, Shawn, and Joss

This was Charlee's first trip to the zoo!
If you look close, you will see this monkey is thinking about jumping on Reid's hat. The monkeys are loose in this area and jumping all over.
The baby Orangutan is only a couple days older than Joss.
He was just a little guy too! You can see him swinging from the ladder in the next picture.

Our trip would not have been complete without a trip to the Bass Pro Shop!

Pool Side at the Ivory's

Joss kept Reid and Caroline fully supplied with pool-side snacks.
What service!

Jordan, Reid and James playing Keep-Away

Look at the form on Caroline's hand-stand!
I give it a 10!

Jet Skiing in Arizona!

Canyon Lake
Thursday, April 3rd

There were some mountain sheep on the rocks. See how many you can find!