Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I dressed Sophie and Tricia thought she looked funny.(Sorry I don't know how to rotate the picture)

Sophie enjoying the rain

Here is James' big catch!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On the 18th Day of Sunshine since April.......

KHS had it's first football game of the year.

Notice the lack of grass. They play on a gravel field!

Kayhi 25 vs. Sitka 6

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fun with the Garns

The Silvers are in!

The sun came out for the first time since May. Reid and I feel like moles when the sun comes out and you can see it in our pasty white faces!

Rat Fish anyone?

Ling Cod: ugly fish, but great tasting!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


For those of you who don't know who Shawn Johnson is, she is an olympic gold medalist in gymnastics and is from West Des Moines, IA... sooo after te olympics were over she had a big welcome home celebration that I took Shannon and Charlee to!!! Because we were sitting on an upper balcony the best pictures that we got were those that were taken of the big screen in the arena. But, yeah, we got to see her... it was pretty cool!!!

Matthews' New Home

upstairs bathroom
Charlee's Room, I finally get to put her pictures up:)
Charlee's vinyl above her door and if you look close, there are little nylon butterflies there too that are my favorite things
More for Charlee

Our bedroom is the blandest of all the rooms, but at leat our bed looks good with our new garage sale bed frame. across from our bed is a huge blank white wall, if anyone has any ideas of what to do with it, throw it at me!!!

Matthews' New Home

Here is the Kitchen, behind the living room...

Going upstairs we have a picture wall, we are ordering a vinyl saying that will say "...because a picture is worth a thousand words." which will go above the pictures.This is our black and white bathroom, these dots are actually door hanging bead things that i got at kohls and took them off of the door hangar thing and stuck them up on the wall... i think they turned out pretty cute...
bathroom sink...

cute huh...

Matthews' New Home

We tried to make a video and put it on the blog, but it was too long and so, instead here are a bunch of pictures...
i hope you like it:)
This is the Outside... It is a 3 layer town house
bottom garage, middle living room and kitchen, and top bedrooms and bathroom...
This is our little enry way thing... kinda cute... i like it
on the middle floor we have a half bathroom and this is part of it...

this is our living room