Sunday, January 30, 2011

A slow start to Jessie's Room

It still needs a few more things, but thanks to Caroline, Jessie's room is starting to get some character. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

so much has happend, its time for an update...

 Charlee absolutely love love loved her princess castle from santa
The whole family christmas morning
 we made a fort on new years eve... the kids loved it
 inside the fort

Matching Outfits

So here is the one of many dresses that i inherited from Paige.  then while shopping in montana mom and i found a matching dress for charlee.  i was hesitant about the dress for charlee because it was a size 5, and i thought it would be waaay to big.  but mom always knows best.  she got it anyways and it actually fit charlee just fine:)  so this is us in our cute matchie outfits on the sunday after christmas.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Life is Too Short Tour 2011

"Hey Kids, You just saw your grandparents for the first time since July.  What are you going to do next?"
That's pretty much how it went.  Saturday morning we decided to do it and we were on our way!  There are lots of pictures so I hope you're comfortable and ready to share our memories!

We had so much fun.  Olive had a major blowout the first day, so she spent most of the coldest part of the day in her new sweatshirt and Shawn's t-shirt that we made into a hoodie/pants.  She didn't seem to mind.

You couldn't write a prescription for anything that would've been better medicine.  It was wonderful to be together in the Happiest Place on Earth.  The kids loved it and loved seeing all their favorite characters.  The Buzz Lightyear ride seemed to be a favorite - Dad had over 700,000 points on one Buzz ride, so he won himself a Disney wearable (the prize was sponsored by himself).  It was nice to feel happy and see how excited the kids would get over everything.  We missed having everyone with us, but I'm sure sheetrocking Jesse's basement and weaning Charlee from her pacifier was just as great.  (although, I want to make it clear that no one else is allowed fun vacations without the O'Learys!)