Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This was sooo funny... jackson just couldn't move much so we just pushed him down the hill and there was nothing he could do about it.

more montana

k- here are the cutie patootie pajama pants that mom made... they really are sooo cute... and i really enjoy playing matchie matchie with my family:)

these four are sooo funny... i just love them all:)

handsome jackson

cutie charlee

charlee and sophie are actually staring at a big screen tv right behind me... they really aren't looking at me on purpose:)

My home's in Montana...

museum of the rockies... very cool dinosaurs it was sooo good to see grandma and ann, AND powder river
sledding was sooo much fun, 'cept charlee took a while to get used to it before she stopped screaming.

jackson and grandpa were nearly inseperable.

charlee can make anything look cute... even snowsuits... come to think of it, i didnt get any pictures of sophie in her snowsuit!!! now that little girl was cute!!! she had a cow spotted snowsuit!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Let's go to Montana

Caroline and I (Karmen) had an amazing trip to Montana. I have some pics on my blog, but thought I'd add some more "Stovall Specific" pics to this one. I get them all out of order, but you'll get the point.

Mom really wanted to get a picture of all the babies. It was the hardest picture to take!

Here is Grampa with Little Buddy, Jackson at the Museum of the Rockies. He loved being with Buh-Buh. He'd listen every morning for him to wake up and then go out to see him. Dad loved being with him because he loved all the animals in the house!
Jesse and Tricia and Sophie and Jackson. I forgot how amazing that museum is. There are tons of dinosaurs that are found in Montana!

Here is cutie Charlee playing peek-a-boo!
Another cutie Charlee picture (there are a lot of them!). She is climbing on top of the coffee table. This pic was taken from below. One thing I learned about Charlee is that she LOVES to climb!!

We got to go to the cabin one day. Here we are with Gramma.
What happens when you leave your camera with Jesse???
and THIS:
Joss in her snowsuit. Mom's ward is awesome. They totally lined us up with snow clothes and cribs!
Here is Jackson in his snowsuit- it was so cute and puffy.
Here we are at the sledding hill - you would be surprised - it's a lot less steep and a lot shorter then it was when we grew up! Remember when all Reid wanted for Christmas was a sled with brakes so he could steer?!
Jackson could go down by himself - with his little mitten poking up the whole way!
We missed everyone that wasn't there, but managed to make it fun! How on earth did we get so lucky to be part of such a wonderful family? We hated to go, but it was nice to be home with Shawn again.
Isn't it awesome that we are a family FOREVER!?!

Friday, January 9, 2009

So remember when I said......

that it doesn't snow in Ketchikan?

Well this is what our car looked like in the airport parking lot when we got back from Montana....

And this is the giant chunk of snow that slid off the top of the car onto the windshield while we were driving down the street. I'm not sure why our wipers couldn't handle this one.....

Getting to the house was a little bit cold since the snow came up past my knees.

Our house with all the snow....(and the new paint job)

Max has been LOVING the snow and we have been loving the energy it takes him to get through the snow because it is easier to wear him out!
You can't tell, but there is a huge mountain at the end of the street. It is called Deer Mountain and SHOULD be taking up that gray space at the end of the road. Look at this picture (click on "this picture) and you will see the mountain you should see at the end of the road.