Monday, August 18, 2008

Stovall Charters

More Halibut!
A couple of the high school kids from church "chartered" Reid and I for a day of Halibut fishing. We limited out (the limit is 2 halibut per person) on halibut with 8. We also caught a Coho salmon, 2 Bass, a Pink Salmon and some crab. The guys had a great time and were completely exhausted by the end of the day! Halibut fishing is not for the weak. Our biggest fish was only about 35 pounds, but it is really hard work to bring them up from the bottom, which was 350 feet down along with the weight of the gear and against the fight of the fish!

Only in Alaska

I took these pictures from the ferry on the way to Girl's Camp. We were in the middle of nowhere, outside of Petersburg and this guy was moving an old Forest Service rig on a little home-made barge that was just big enough to fit the vehicle. It was a good thing it was a nice day on the water!
Kind of gives a whole new meaning to island life. I wonder if U-Haul has a hard time making any money in Southeast Alaska because of our lack of roads!