Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Esme's Sealing and Blessing

We had such a great weekend.  (Aside from everyone catching a 48 hour flu bug...yuck)  The Sealing and Blessing was wonderful, and it was so nice to have family and friends showing all the love and support we could have ever imagined.  It was a wonderful weekend, and we feel so happy and blessed.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Sooo, we just got back from mexico:)  It was ooober fun!!!  It started out a little rough considering we both got majorly sunburnded on our first day there (jordan moreso than me).  so after a couple days we were finally able to actually do some stuff:)  this is a picture of the beach right off of our resort, and a special thank you goes out to paige for my super cute swim dress!!!  i wore it all the time!!! 
We were able to go see Chitchen-Itza, one of the seven wonders of the world, a town full of ancient mayan temples and remains!!!  it was absolutely AMAZING!!!  
Jordan and I spent alot of time on the beach and this is us on the beach!!!  it was nice cuz our resort has alot of non-motorized water equipment that we could check out for free... so we were able to do some kayaking which was pretty fun!!!
We also went on a snorkeling "mayan adventure." and this is us in our geddup:)
we saw quite a bit of lizards and iguanas, they looked really tasty so jordan wanted to take a bite...
Me on lookout...
our resort had a couple buffets that we ate at for breakfast and lunch, but for dinner they had nine restaurants that we could choose to eat at.  it was kind of fun, cuz we had to dress up nice, girls in dresses, men in trousers...  and got to eat from a different country every night.  my favorite was the swiss fondue restaurant, jordan liked the mexican and oriental ones.  but it was all very very good!!!
this is just a nice view of our beach
WIERD... i think reid and mishel saw this same message in the sand on their trip to mexico???
Our footprints in the sand...
Overall, it was super fun and super amazing... it was very nice to have some time to ourselves without any worries!!!  but we were also glad to come home:)  we definitely missed our babies!!!  and, i  am aware that many of you have been to all inclusive resorts, so some of this is not new to you, but it was a wonderful new experience for us.  the people were all super friendly, everyone spoke english, our resort was kept spick and span... just loved it all!!!  we definitely think we would love to do it again and anyone who wants to could come with us!!!