Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The Matthews family is at it again!!!  we have been to nauvoo the bahamas  utah bozeman and back and here are some of the pictures to show from it all:)
 this is charlee and jill in front of Jesus in nauvoo.
 me and jordan on our time share tour... 

 this is jordan and i in front of our cruise ship...
 mishel ready to climb at the family reunion... nice form!!!
 this is the group that went on the hike... cousin trisha was charlee's best friend:)  if she wasnt walking with me she was walking with trisha...

 charlee picked all sorts of pretty flowers on our hike:)
 in bozeman charlee caught a fish (with uncle jesse's help:)  but she was too afraid to touch it!!!
 then sophie and shelby on the other hand... not afraid to touch it at all!!!
 then we were able to go to cook city with dad one day and he took a time out to do some fly fishing... jett was really happy about it!!!
 actually jett really liked sitting on the bank of the river and throwing rocks into the water:)
 then we hit up the museum of the rockies...

 and i think we had ice cream almost every day!!!
 and on our last day in bozeman we were able to stop and see paige.  mom made her some cupcakes for her birthday and i was glad that we were delayed long enough to say happy birthday:)
overall we were sooo happy to go home and see everyone!!!  and after a three day delay with our flight, we finally made it home:)  

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


So... we just got back from the bahamas and it was WONDERFUL!!!  Jordan made a cute little video of our trip on facebook... to check it out Click Here.
if the link doesnt work just go to jordans facebook page:)

but, overall, we had loads of fun!!!  first we went to florida, then we went to a marlins game, then we went to the beach, then we ate some food, then we went on a cruise, then we got to the bahamas, then we went to the beach, then we went parasailing, then we went to the beach, then we went to the pool, then we got sunburned, then we ate some more, then we went on a cruise again, and then we went shopping, and then we came home fully relaxed and full of sunshine:)  loved it!!!

happy five years to me and jordan:)